Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - Jeremy Lai (13)

Traits of a good leader

Vision: Good leaders usually have great visions which they work
towards along with their teams, so as to achieve that goal.
Wise: Good leaders have to be wise to be able to make correct
decisions at the correct times and know how to get out of sticky
Passionate: Good leaders are very focused on what they are trying to
achieve, and will work very hard towards it.
Compassion: Good leaders would care about his team members and will
think about them before making any decisions.
Communication: Good leaders would require good communication skills so
as to be able to communicate with his team members and not cause any
unnecessary misunderstandings.
Charismatic: Good leaders are able to persuade people to do things.
Persistent: Good leaders would persevere towards their goal, and be a
role model for their team.
Integrity: Good leaders are honest, and are not afraid to admit their mistakes.
Daring: Good leaders would dare to take risks in order to accomplish
their goals.
Disciplined: Good leaders would be on task and punctual always, so
that they would not be slacking or unable to complete the task or
achieve a goal.

A good leaders can manage crisis under stressful situations. The
leader would be wise and calm, so that he would be able to think of
ways to overcome the situation with little or no panicking. Even when
his team may have lost all hope, he would persevere and not give up.
With discipline and persistence, he will continue trying to overcome
the situation and manage the crisis to the best he can.

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