Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - Tshin Qi Ren (19)

The few qualities that leader must have are as follow:
- Integrity
- Dedication 
- Magnanimity 
- Humility 
- Openness
- Creativity
- Fairness 
- Assertiveness 
- A sense of humor 

- A good leader would have already set the group's task and its goal. 
- Being funny especially when times are tough to help ease the stress the other colleagues have. -When something goes wrong, he/she would blame themselves instead of others. 
- He/she should also have trustworthy friends where he could share his "pain" his stress with them. 
- Having someone to talk to when you are stressed is a very great way to reduce the stress and help make oneself feel better.
- However, he should keep his cool and make others still feel confident.

Conclusion:  Being all these are hard work. The least one could be is someone who is responsible and understanding and also great at solving problems


David , Hakala. (2008, March 19). The top 10 leadership qualities. Retrieved from http://www.hrworld.com/features/top-10-leadership-qualities-031908/ 

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