Tuesday, March 22, 2011


As a follower, i would expect my leader to be:

A person who is able to motivate/ inspire others
A person who is easily approachable
A person who thinks for others
A person who knows when to praise and is not afraid to discipline
A person who deserves respect
A person that walks his talk
A person that is Optimistic
A person that cares for his team
A person that has a goal
A person who can give his team purpose
A person who has initiative
A person who is humble enough to accept the opinions of others
A person who knows the time to be formal and the time to be informal
A person who is willing to lead
A person who is willing to sacrifice himself for the team

I think a good leader will manage crisis under stressful situations by first exploring all possible ways of dealing with the matter and then after consulting the team, go ahead with the most direct and appropriate method of dealing with the situation. Not by avoiding the problem or by hiding it, but by meeting it head-on and doing what needs to be done.

Sorry for the extremely late submission, was really busy with tution and IH

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